ANN: Dogelog Player 1.0.2

Admin User, created Oct 02. 2022 Dear All, We are happy to announce a new edition of the Dogelog player: - Multifile Directive: Until now, the multifile directive was just a mockup with no function. This has changed, the directive now works both in the runtime and in the transpiler. - Native Libraries: Libraries can be addressed using the new library(_) and foreign(_) file specifications. The latter works for both the JavaScript platform (loading _sync.js or .mjs) and the Python platform (loading .py). - Asynchronous Literate Programming: Native libraries are loaded in the browser using its asynchronous import(). Accordingly, we have expanded the literate programming and asynchronous Dogelog notebooks can also be generated. For download: Dogelog Player - Downloads Dogelog Runtime - Downloads Have Fun!