ANN: Dogelog Player 1.0.1 (Literate Programming)

Admin User, created Aug 11. 2022, modified Jan 06. 2023 Dear All, We are happy to announce a new edition of the Dogelog player: - Browser base_url: Its now possible to set the Prolog flag base_url when the Dogelog Player is run from within the browser. This will affect the predicates open/3 and absolute_file_name/2. - Non-Monotonic Update: The clear() JavaScript call could already rollback monotonic updates for a while. This release brings rollback of retract/1 and abolish/1. - Literate Programming: There is a new webifyer utility which can turn a Prolog text into a Dogelog notebook page. As an example tutorial we have webifyied a section from Learn Prolog Now! For download: Dogelog Player - Downloads Dogelog Runtime - Downloads Have Fun!