ANN: Dogelog Player 1.0.0 (Self Hosting)

Admin User, created Jun 02. 2022, modified Jan 06. 2023 Dear All, We are happy to announce a new edition of the Dogelog player: - Self Hosting: Dogelog player can now cross compile itself. This was made possible by further providing ISO core standard predicates such as open/3 with write and append mode, and some non ISO core standard predicates such as last_sub_atom/5. - Variable Sernos: The Dogelog player now supports lexical comparison of Prolog logical variables. This was made possible through a simple heuristic combination of the serial number generator with the garbage collector, so that serial numbers can be reused. - Runtime Compatibility: We provide more alignment. For example the Dogelog player got a new working directory Prolog flag base_url and the same existing Prolog flag in the Dogelog runtime, formerly Jekejeke Prolog, can now be set relatively. For download: Dogelog Player - Downloads Dogelog Runtime - Downloads Have Fun!