ANN: Dogelog Player 0.9.8

Admin User, created Mar 21. 2022, modified Oct 18. 2023 Dear All, We are happy to announce a new edition of the Dogelog Player: - JavaScript/Phyton Async/Await: The Dogelog Player supports a new interpreter that can relinquish control. The interface to the interpreter contains new routines such as consult_async() and toplevel_async(). Available for both JavaScript and Python. - Functions Milestone: We were able to add some built-ins and predicates to the Dogelog Player. In addition to unify_with_occurs_check/2, there is now a comprehensive ISO core standard arithmetic and first approaches for sorting the Prolog terms. Available for both JavaScript and Python. - Formerly Jekejeke Runtime: The interpreter is now called Dogelog Runtime and continues to address the Java target platform. The interpreter inherits some features of Dogelog Player and can still be used to cross-compile Dogelog Player. After a year of silence, there is now release 1.5.1 which has been fully tested for JDK 16. For more details: Dogelog Have Fun!