ANN: Dogelog Player 1.0.3 (Signal Handling)

Admin User, created Jan 17. 2023, modified Feb 27. 2023 Dear All, We are happy to announce a new edition of the Dogelog player: - Signal Handling: The Dogelog player now provides a post() routine in the target language, which allows a rudimentary posting of an exception to the Prolog interpreter. This is already used in browser examples for a button to abort Prolog execution. - library(compat): We added some bitwise operation which are outside the ISO core standard, such as the evaluable functions msb/1, lsb/1, etc.. Unfortunately not all target languages have good support, so that the implementations are a little bit a cludge. - library(format): Thats a new library with native support by atom_number/4 for the various target languages. The format/[2,3] itself is a pure Prolog implementation still very minimal, without tab-stops, which we will possibly anyway not need when later generating HTML DOM. For download: Dogelog Player - Downloads Dogelog Runtime - Downloads Have Fun!